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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein

Network of


Our corporate network is managed by a holding share corporation, which operates as a 100% owner of all highly specialized subsidiaries.

In order to hedge all specific projects, land as well as technologies, there are two foundations which are directly superior to the holding share corporation.

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First Class

Project Brokerage

Unique Global Investment® guarantees the integration of small investors and private individuals through special access in large-scale project brokerage.

The current project volume of 1.4 billion euros, and the market-specific orientation - paired with a technologically precise implementation - guarantee the sustainability of all investments.

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Real Estate

Through the direct potential of the REAL ESTATE 24 PRO, Unique Global Investment® offers exclusive access to more than 1,000 existing properties.

Every property has a corresponding appraisal report and is brokered exclusively and directly to the customer. This results in a savings of 15 to 20% below the determined market value.

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Financial Trading

Stock market values ​​such as shares, certificates and other proven financial products are a key feature of Unique Global Investment®.

When it comes to ​​foreign exchange trading and real assets, we draw on the 12-year professional experience of our traders. Early reaction to banking and stock market signals ensures the return.

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Cryptocurrency Trading

The limited availability of cryptocurrencies ("coins") ensures a stunning increase in value. The risk management of Unique Global Investment’s® specialists creates huge earning potential.

High-precision signaling enables unrivaled perspectives.

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Our Experience – Your Success

  • Precise coordination between intelligent algorithms and the intuition of experienced traders
  • Complex splitting to variable core areas - referred to as crown trading - puts the investor's ultimate risk below 4%
  • High performance through professional real-time control, combined with absolute flexibility maximize profits in the specific focus markets.

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Protection for deposits up to 250K

Unique Global Investment® advocates valuable hedging. They secure income and surpluses in the long term, by allocating nominal assets in a precious metals account.

Protection for deposits starting at 250K

By investing directly in Unique Global Investment’s® funds, particularly in combination with a fixed placement via liability umbrella, 100% of the investments are secured.

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Unique Global Investment®




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